About Deal Manager
  • 24 Jun 2024
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About Deal Manager

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Deal Manager™ enables you to capture and maintain customer-specific pricing agreements, contracts or quotes for products and services. This solution minimizes the overhead associated with administering customer-specific pricing and helps you evaluate current pricing against changing business conditions and respond accordingly with adjusted pricing.

What you can do with Deal Manager

This section lists the most common uses for Deal Manager. For more information about each use case, see Deal Manager use cases.

I want to...Details
Create customer discounts (on-invoice or off-invoice)Learn more
Create customer discounts with predefined settingsLearn more
Understand the financial implications of customer discountsLearn more
Create tiered discount schedules for customersLearn more
Create and compare customer discount scenariosLearn more
Capture non-discount settings in an agreementLearn more

How Deal Manager works

Configure your desired user experience in Deal Manager to best work with agreements, quotes, and contracts. To support this, Zilliant Deal Manager comprises various objects and fields with associated page layouts, Lightning record pages, Lightning components, action buttons, and search layouts.

You can combine Deal Manager capabilities—and also write custom Apex business logic—in various ways to build your desired user experience. You can:

  • Design your own pricing guidance and price insights. For example, you can define start, target, and floor guidance values for each line item in a quote or contract.
  • Add and edit line items in quotes, contracts, and deals.
  • Configure search syntax, pre-entry fields that filter search results, automated line insertion, and formulaic mass editing of lines.
  • Enable filtering and security features, such as:
    • Dynamic filters that prevent users from seeing various product records when adding new lines.
    • Complex rules that determine whether specific users can add or edit specific line items.
    • Workspaces that act as temporary holding areas for line items, locking out all other users from editing the same lines, and enabling line items to be reverted to their original state.

To learn more, read the following topics:

How to use Deal Manager

The Quick Start for Agreement Management facilitates the creation, management, and renewal of customer price agreements. This out-of-the-box configuration includes commonly-used Deal Manager features to enable you to quickly and effectively streamline your agreement management process.

For more information about the Quick Start for Agreement Management and its features, see Agreement Management.

The following image illustrates the agreement management user journey supported by this quick start.


You can use the Quick Start for Agreement Management "as is" or add to or change the configured functionality as needed to meet your business requirements.
For more information, read Configure Deal Manager.

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