About Campaign Manager
  • 07 Nov 2023
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About Campaign Manager

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Article summary

Zilliant Campaign Manager generates omni-channel campaigns through product, pricing, rebate, and sales-guided actions. This product operationalizes commercial strategies to deliver profitable growth. Sales IQ and Campaign Manager together provide a platform for identifying account specific actions designed to help grow revenue and margin.

What you can do with Campaign Manager

The following table lists common Campaign Manager use cases and links to their solutions. Depending on your objective, Campaign Manager works optimally in tandem with Sales IQ.

I want to...Details
Recover lost salesRead more
Identify the best opportunities to cross sell at existing accountsRead more
Win back lost product linesRead more
Track customer contract complianceRead more
Sell excess or expiring inventoryRead more
Substitute product sales with a preferred productRead more
Identify product needs of prospective customersRead more

How Campaign Manager works

Campaign Manager reads from various data sources to create sets of steps and relevant actions aligned with your objective. Campaign Manager generates these steps and actions as action types.

Each set of action types is defined in Campaign Manager as a campaign. You can attach action types to any number of campaigns, and publish them to any end user system.

How to use Campaign Manager

A campaign will not output meaningful data without at least one attached action type and at least one attached customer. To use Campaign Manager:

  1. Add an action type.
  2. Set customer eligibility.
  3. Add a campaign.
  4. Run a campaign.
  5. Publish campaign actions to your desired end user system.
  6. Review published actions as desired.

Common questions

For common questions about this product, read Common questions.

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