Upload a Groovy script
  • 30 Apr 2024
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Upload a Groovy script

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Follow these steps to upload a Groovy script to use in the Zilliant CPQ application:

  1. Sign in to the system with your administrator credentials.
  2. From the left navigation area, select Administration.
  3. From the top navigation bar, select Master Data Management.
  4. Scroll or search to locate Groovy Script and select it from the list. The list of existing Groovy scripts appears.
  5. Edit or create a script.

For some extension points, there can be only one script. If that script exists, select and edit it.

Create a script

  1. Select +.
  2. Select the newly added, empty row. On the Configuration tab, enter or select values to configure and upload a script:
    • Name—Enter a name for the script.

    • Type—Select the script type from the list. Generally, one script type corresponds to one extension point. The exception is System Used, which is used for multiple extension points with predefined scripts.

      Script types are:

      • Additional Approval Action—Used by the approval engine.
      • Groovy Background Job—Runs a script as a system task.
      • Generate Autocad Drawing—Generates AutoCAD drawings.
      • Get Range Values—Gets range values from a lookup table or other external system.
      • Internal Pricing - Custom Item Calculation—Used by the internal price engine to calculate an item's total net price and net value.
      • Organize Line Item Structure—Used for quote auto-completion.
      • Report Sync—For internal use only.
      • System Used—Extends the platform's process.
    • Script File—Select the folder icon to open the file selection window. Select the Groovy script file to upload, then select Upload.


      Script files must have the .groovyextension.

      When uploaded, the name of the file appears below the Script File field. Selecting the file name downloads the script.

    • Base DWG File—Appears only when the selected Type is Generate AutoCAD Drawing. Generates the drawing.

    • Lookup Tables—Lookup tables the script can access. Read and write access is granted.

Run a Groovy script in the background

You can enable a Groovy script to run as a background task.

  1. Under Task Resource, select Groovy Job.
  2. Select the Groovy script to run. Available scripts are those with type Groovy Background Job.

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