About release updates
  • 01 Jul 2024
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About release updates

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Article summary

Our updates offer brief, high-level descriptions of key new features and enhancements.

When features and enhancements are available, we also include detailed information to help you use and implement new product capabilities.

When are features available?

Some features and enhancements are immediately available. Others may not be available right away. To find out when features are available to your organization, contact your Zilliant representative.

Some features may need to be enabled or configured. For details, read the Enablement requirements section included with each release item.


If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please share your thoughts. Your feedback is what helps us improve to meet your needs!

As you work with our documentation, use the feedback buttons to vote up or down. Add comments if you have them. If you'd like us to contact you directly about updates, provide your email address.

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